Missing Dog Stuck Inside A Hollow Tree and Found 20 Years Later.

The earliest ancient Egyptians buried their dead in small pits in the desert. The heat and dryness of the sand dehydrated the bodies quickly, creating lifelike and natural ‘mummies’. Later, the ancient Egyptians began burying their dead in coffins to protect them from wild animals in the desert.

However, they realized that bodies placed in coffins decayed when they were not exposed to the hot, dry sand of the desert. Over many centuries, the ancient Egyptians developed a method of preserving bodies so they would remain lifelike. The process included embalming the bodies and wrapping them in strips of linen. Today we call this process mummification.

Mummies of humans and other animals have been found on every continent, both as a result of natural preservation through unusual conditions and as cultural artifacts.

That’s what happened to this poor who was believed mummified for the past 20 years.

Apparently, the dog ran up a hollow tree and got stuck somewhere in the middle where it eventually died. It was believed that the incident happened in 1960’s in Georgia. 20 years later, in 1980, loggers cut the tree and were shocked to find a dog running up the log, frozen in time.

Knowing that what they saw was a rare phenomenon, loggers donated the tree to a roadside tree museum in Waycross, Georgia.

According to Danified, it was believed that the dog was chasing a raccoon that went inside the hollow tree. As the raccoon was small in size, it easily passed through the hollow tree which the dog failed to do.

The museum, Southern Forest World, took the mummified dog even held a contest to whoever could give the most appropriate name for the dog. They name it “Stuckie”.

Watch the video below:

Source: Danified

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