Meet the Most Gorgeous Football Team Manager from Thailand Who Caught the Attention of Netizens

A lot of people on different social media platforms gets crazy over this gorgeous lady. This lady is none other than Watanya Wongopasi who works as a team manager in a National Football Team in Thailand. She became quite famous in the recent Southeast Asian Games as her photos spread on the internet and went viral.

Wongopasi leads the skilled Thailand’s men football team in its glory for the attempt in claiming the additional gold medal in the competition. Although she is not an athlete herself, she had shown a great deal of determination in winning the tournament.

She had earned a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. Despite the fact that her skill set is somehow quite different in the profession she had attained, she had proven her proficiency in business and leadership.

Together with the ladies team football manager Nualphan Lamsam, Wongopasi had shown a great deal of dedication in competing for this year’s supervisory role by the sporting commission organization’s president. With this, she was titled as one the “Iron Ladies of Thailand Football.”

This 32-year-old team manager was also often called as the “Madame Precious.” She gained massive followers and admirers not only because of her gorgeous face but also with her talent on the football field.

She was also a previous TV news personality, and current president and supervisor at News Network Corporation in Thailand approved the managerial task which she considers to be a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for a chance to provide all her best for her country.

According to her, she wanted to do something that she would be proud of by giving recognition for her nation to be known all around the world.

For the 7th time, her team won the SouthEast Oriental Gamings a gold medal. They were also deemed worthy of being the most proficient team amongst the ASEAN football teams.

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