Man Ordered a Smartphone in an Online Store, But When the Item Arrives at her Doorstep and Open it His Excitement Turns into Anger

Now that technology continues to evolve, online shopping has been introduced. The convenience of ordering without the hassle and traffic of traveling to the store is handy.

While this platform has helped a lot achieve more tasks in one day and also save travel money, there are downsides to it as well. A fake item dupes some, or a different item delivered. Such case happened to a Malaysian citizen that turned viral in social media.

Ivan Liew, a 32-year old man, believed the online convenience shopping has promised to offer. However, one rough experience with an online seller might change his mind forever.

On December 12, 2017, he decided to order a smartphone from Lazada that costs RM 3,219 (around ₱ 39,600). Since he ordered it from Lazada, it usually would be shipped by Lazada Express. When he tracked the package, his order will arrive between December 16 – 20, 2017. By December 15, he was informed that it would be delivered to his doorstep around 1 pm. When the time came and passed, he checked again around 9 pm of the same date and saw that his order was canceled, the delivery failed.

The next day surprised him, as a package came for him. He hurriedly opened it, and to his disappointment, the contents were not the smartphone he ordered but two pack of wet tissue wipes.

What a rip off! This truly shocked Liew, so he filed a complaint at the nearest police station. It was his brother who received the package, and according to him, it was delivered not by a company truck but by a private car, and that seemed so suspicious. He also contacted Lazada and gave a complaint of what he received that was not what he ordered. So he decided to ship the package of wet tissues back to them via Pos Laju.

January 16, 2018, he asked Pos Laju if the package had been successfully delivery which they confirmed that it was. However, Lazada could not find the package which made the status of the transaction on hold. It was on January 26, 2018, that Liew, once again asked Lazada customer service if they had received it and just then that the status of his complaint was updated.

Two months passed and he has not heard anything from Lazada whether they plan to refund him or give him the item he ordered. So in the interest of seeking justice, Liew decided to post his experience online which gained a lot of reactions from netizens around the world.

Good thing, Lazada finally took action, realizing his complaint was the serious case and contacted Liew for the refund of the item. Lazada’s Chief Commercial Officer, Christophe Lejeune together with his team, apologized to Liew for the issue and assured him that they would investigate further on the matter.

It is a good thing that it was finally resolved, else it will surely ruin the image of online shopping.

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