Man Heard Strange Noise Underneath The Sidewalk of the Street But When He Started to Remove The Bricks He Found Out That Something is Buried Alive

We never know how our day will turn out until evening comes. Even if we ask the daily horoscope for guidance, we still end up surprised.

Even the world surprises us with the daily news. A resident of an apartment building in Voronezh, Russia heard barking underneath the brick flooring of the sidewalk.

It appears that repair workers were fixing a collapsed sidewalk and had paved over the stray dog. It was not clear whether it was intentional or not and or how the dog came to be there, but the dog did not stop barking for help.

For over two days, residents and neighbors in the area heard the ceaseless barking and reported that there seems to be a dog buried alive, but city housing authorities have been slow to respond.

A man named Vadim Rustam took matters into his own hands and began the rescue of the dog. He started loosening the bricks and then lifted them one by one until he could be certain which part the barking comes from. When he was able to identify the spot where the dog was apparently buried, he started digging until he saw the poor dog.

Surprisingly, the dog was pregnant and was able to survive two whole days without food or water. He gently lifted the dog from the hole it was currently in.

A footage was taken, recording Vadim’s rescue of the dog. The dog was apparently a stray so she was brought to a local animal rescue group where she is being treated and will be up for adoption soon.

Netizens have expressed their awe in Vadim’s decision to rescue the dog rather than ignore it. Animals are like humans too, and they deserve to be treated well and be cared for.

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