Man Drink His Own Urine Just to Survive After He Was Trapped Inside a Coffin for Six Days

A Taiwanese man was accidentally trapped inside a coffin for six days and survives by drinking water from the rain and from his own urine. According to the family of this man and the police, that this man was always seen singing in karaoke and drinking with his friends in a shrine next to the cemetery.

His family believes that someone did this to him and it was not an accident because they saw that the coffin was emptied and the remains were dumped aside. His family and the police thought that someone put or push him inside the coffin while he was drunk and cover with hundred pounds.

According to the man, he could not remember anything like how he went to the cemetery to how he was trapped inside the coffin. He also said that when he wakes up, he tries to lift the cover of the coffin, but he failed because it was so heavy he notices a light was coming from a small hole with only 20 centimeters wide.

6 days inside a coffin left him hungry and thirsty, and he was able to drink from the rain that comes from the hole and his own urine. Luckily someone passed by and heard him crying and weeping for some help, and he was saved.

The man’s family especially his brothers are still furious about what happened to their brother. So for them to know who was really the suspect, they took photos of the men their brother had been drinking with and ask him to pinpoint whoever he thought is the suspect. What more surprising in the story is the weather when the incident happens.

According to the Central Weather Bureau, the weather that time dropped to 15 degrees Celsius and the doctor who examined the man said that it is a miracle that he survived. The doctor added that man could only live without water for three days only while those who drink their own urine lasted for three more days.

There are choices we have to make when caught in certain circumstances. Our desire to survive is in our nature, and even though it might be embarrassing, we should see it as a sign of being brave. The ways we do to survive is brave. So kudos to this man for not giving up on life and did everything to live.

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