Man Bring His Unattractive Wife in their School Reunion, But Everyone Made Fun of Her. Later Wife Made a Phone Call That Left Everyone Speechless

Attractive people always easily get attention and interest, but smart people are the ones that make us stay. One loyal husband shared his story when he brought his chubby wife to the school reunion. This one will surely leave you clapping.

“Before we got married my wife was gorgeous, and she had a slim figure. However, my wife fell ill soon after she gave birth to our first child. Due to her illness, she had to take all sorts of medicine just to bear with the terrible pain that came along with the illness.

Unfortunately, we never thought that the medicine she took would give her bad side effects. Not long after she began taking the pills, my wife suddenly kept pilling on weight. Her beautiful almond eyes turned swollen and puffy while her face became chubby.”

In a moment’s time, his wife completely changed in appearance, but her husband kept on loving her more.

The husband continued, “In spite of her physical changes, she remained positive and bright. Her puffy eyes and chubby cheeks did not change her personality as my wife was still the woman that I knew and loved; a friendly, talkative and loving person.

Those were what attracted me towards her in the first place and what made me stay in love with her. I have never once felt bored when I am with her, and our love seems to grow deeper each day.

Also, I am indebted to her father helped me to get a position in the company that I am currently working. I am thankful to have her and her family in my life. All was good in our lives there were no conflicts in our marriage, and we loved each other until one day, I took her to my school reunion.”

In the reunion, they talked about each other’s lives and shared stories about their careers and family.

According to the husband, “Soon, the topics changed to our partners. The men talked about how they met their beautiful wife while the ladies boasted about marrying their rich and well- educated partner.”

Soon it was the husband’s turn to introduce his wife. He felt that they were judging her wife based on her looks until a woman came to him and he recognized her as the woman who flirted with him at the university. The woman talks to him and sarcastically said then he married a ‘beautiful lady’.

The husband said, “I was flustered with the woman’s rude act, and I notice that my wife’s face changed. I felt guilty at the time as I did not know what to do at the time. Suddenly my wife took out her mobile phone and made a call. A few seconds after she made the call, the woman that made fun of my wife got a call, and I could not help but notice how red her face had gotten when she answered the call.”

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They then decided to leave as the reunion got awkward, but after a while, the wife explained that the rude woman was wearing their company’s uniform and she called her father to suggest they remove her from work because of her behavior.

It is not nice to be mean to others just because you look better than them. So always be kind so that kindness always come back to you.

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