Man Became Angry After A Red Ferrari Hit the Back Of His Honda Civic Car. But Was Stunned After The Driver Of The Red Ferrari Came Out.

Recently, a male driver of a white Honda gets furious after getting involved in a car accident as a red Ferrari crashes to his car at Xunliao Bay in Guangdong, China. The driver immediately gets out of his car and rushes over the red Ferrari that wrecked the rear end of his car.

However, the offender was not even willing to step out of the car. But as soon as the police came, the driver didn’t have any choice but to face the Honda driver. The Honda driver was surprised after the owner of the red Ferrari got out of the car, turned out to be a lovely woman.

The female driver told him that she did not have enough time to pull up her brakes and then crashed into his car.

According to Infactbuzz, the man’s rage cooled down immediately as soon as she delivered her reason. The driver turned red-faced and couldn’t help but to admire the ridiculously gorgeous-looking girl. She was wearing a slick black top which reveals a portion of her waist. She also had a very long red hair which reaches over her bottom. It may seem that even the police couldn’t help but get flustered over her beauty.

Some netizens got intrigued by her high heels which made them think that it might be the reason that she couldn’t use her brake at that very moment. The police didn’t arrest the lady because she was willing to settle for the damages that she had caused. The Honda driver, on the other hand, didn’t make any fuss that might result in a very unpleasant scene.

The lady apologized for the inconvenienced that she had caused and also got shocked by the accident. In the end, the Honda driver only asked for her contact number and address to settle for the payment of the repairs for his car. He also stated that even it was troubling he was thankful that none got heavily injured in the accident.

Source: InFactBuzz

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