Malaysian Hunters Kill 20-foot Python and Shares the Meat with the Whole Village for Food

Just like any other meat, snake meat contains a good deal of protein, which is necessary for many body systems, including the development of muscles.

Snakes are considered one of the most dangerous and deadly living creatures on Earth. Snakes can swallow their prey whole, while slowly killing them with their deadly venom. Even people who are experienced with handling snakes get attacked and killed sometimes. While most people would stir clear of these natural-born killers, locals from a village in the island of Borneo, Malaysia, wished they would get to catch massive snakes every day.

Locals were very happy when a group of hunters was able to kill and take a massive snake home. The group apparently heard strange noises coming from inside the dried out hollow log, and found a 20-foot female python and a tiny male mating. They shot and killed both snakes and took them home, which was enough to feed the entire community for days.

Snakes are apparently a “delicacy” in the said island, and it is the favorite dish of many locals. Snake meat contains protein like any other type of meat, which is necessary for many body systems, including the development of muscles.

The hunters were happy with their find, but carrying it home wasn’t easy. The creature was so large it took four of them to carry it to the group’s pick-up truck. Using a chainsaw they cut through the bark and were thrilled to see the romping reptiles—which are considered a delicacy in the remote Sarawak region.

Prepared according to local custom, python is grilled over a fire or fried in a pan with vegetables then eaten with rice. Delighted Tinsung Ujang, 60, who found the pair, said villagers in the town of Bintulu near the Kelawit River would feast on the meat for days.

He said: ‘I looked down into the hole in the wood and was surprised to see the female mating with a smaller male snake.

‘We had to split the timber to reach them and it was difficult to remove the snakes because of their size and the position. They were locked together.

‘I was even more surprised because I have never seen snakes mating before and never seen a giant python that was more than five meters long like this. The male python was quite small.

‘It was an amazing occurrence and I proceeded to shoot the two reptiles because for our community it is an exotic dish that is also our favorite dish.’

Tinsung said when he returned to town with the pythons on the back of a pick-up truck he was greeted with cheers.

‘The snake meat was then divided and its share was distributed equally to villagers and nearby farm workers.’

The female python measured 20 feet, just six feet shorter than the largest python recorded in Malaysia.

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