Loyal Dog Patiently Wait Every day Outside the Hospital for his Owner to Return Without Knowing that His Owner Died 4 Months Ago

Dogs are one of those wonderful creatures God has made. They are an epitome of loyalty and a man’s constant companion. Dog’s didn’t become “man’s best friend” for no reason.

They give us unconditional love every day even if we are gone. One such example is a heartbreaking story of a dog and his master that went viral on the internet, touched the hearts of numerous netizens especially dog lovers.

This nameless dog has a 59-year-old homeless owner who died four months ago because he was stabbed during an altercation. The unknown owner was immediately brought to Santa Casa De Novo Horizonte Hospital in San Pablo, Brazil by an ambulance. 

According to the staff of the ambulance who assist the owner, the dog followed their car and ran all the way to the hospital. However, when the dog reached the hospital, he stopped and patiently waits for his master to return at the entrance door.

Apparently, his owner died without the dog knowing the sad news. Because of this, the dog is waiting for him in front of the hospital every day and people who pass by noticed this dog. Some offer him food to eat and a blanket to make him comfortable while he was waiting for someone who will never come back again.

The dog waits for his owner outside the entrance door without trying to enter the hospital even once, although the door is wide open. This only show how she really loves and adores his master.

The nameless dog was already brought to a dog shelter in Sao Paolo, and the owner of the shelter offered to take good care of this dog and help him find another owner, but, the dog ran away from the shelter and returned to the hospital.

Luckily, the receptionist of the hospital adopted the faithful dog, and he seems happy with his new owner. However, there’s no assurance that the dog won’t ran away and came back in front of the hospital.

The story of this faithful dog was posted by an online user named Cristine Sardella, who was a lawyer on facebook. She said to her post, “This dogs, stays every day at the door of the Santa Case de novo Horizonte hospital waiting for its owner who unfortunately passed away. He may be waiting in vain, but the love he feels for his owner is eternal.”

Some people think that the reason why dogs are loyal is that they depend on us for their food and shelter, so they have to be nice. 

However, when you see how dogs react when their humans and canine friends come back after they’ve been gone for a long time or when they don’t come back at all, you know it’s not about food anymore. They want to love and be loved, which I think deep down is what all of us want.

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