Look: Fernando Poe Jr. Heritage House In Quezon City.

Ronald Allan Kelley Poe, better known as Fernando Poe Jr. and colloquially known as FPJ and Da King, was a Filipino actor. During the latter part of his career, Poe was defeated by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in the 2004 Philippine presidential elections. His long career as an action film star earned him the nickname “King of Philippine Movies”, shortened to “Da King”. 

Poe was posthumously declared a National Artist of the Philippines for Film on May 23, 2006, by President Macapagal-Arroyo. The award was confirmed by President Benigno Aquino III on July 20, 2012, and was presented to his family on August 16.

FPJ married the actress, Susan Roces in a civil wedding in December 1968. The couple adopted a daughter named Grace Poe, who became a senator and has three children.

The late action star has a three-storey heritage American home in Quezon City which has also the exteriors of modern houses such as clean lines, simple shapes, single pane windows and pristine white walls.

The living area has unique touches highlighted with a “sarimanok” painting by National Artist Abdulmari Imao.

A painting of Grace’s daughter wearing a ballet tutu placed at the corner of the living area beneath a wooden console table with golden Buddha.

FPJ’s heritage house also contains antique furniture pieces and a double L-shaped kitchen which can accommodate more people. The house was also filled with creative artworks that are displayed on the walls of the wooden staircase.

They also have a pool surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

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