Little Girl Survives by Sleeping Just One Hour a Day Due to a Rare, Incurable Disease

She survives with just 1-2 hours of sleep in a day.

Ever Hisko, from Renfrew, Ontario was born normal and healthy to her parents, Robin Audette and Kirk Hisko. However, soon after being born, Audette noticed something odd about Ever. The baby refused to eat and was always crying. She was unhappy.

They soon learned that Ever had GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Fortunately, the disease could be treated with medication. Ever soon returned to being a normal, happy, and bubbly baby.

When things were looking happy and normal, Ever’s parents once again noticed something wrong with her. At two years old, Ever seemed to be behind in learning how to speak and move. The oddest thing would be that she never slept. But even though she didn’t sleep, Ever was cheerful and happy.

Though the recommended sleep for toddlers at three years old is at least 10 hours, Ever sleeps for only an hour. She can function with almost no sleep, and remains bubbly and happy throughout the day. Unfortunately for Ever’s parents, their sleep is disrupted because of this.

Ever’s mother says:  ‘If we can get anywhere between four-six hours out of her than we’ve done good.

‘But there are nights she wakes up after an hour and a half she’s good to go for another six hours. We’ve kind of learnt to just roll with it.

‘We’re only human and we need to sleep – but she doesn’t. It’s amazing, she can function with no sleep and still be happy.’

It was until she was two years old when Ever was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome, a rare genetic and neurological disorder whose symptoms include developmental delays, speech impairment, and sleep problems. It was very rare—and sadly incurable.

Audette says: ‘I’d never heard of Angelman syndrome. It’s so strange to have never heard of something that in an instant can become your whole world.’

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