Lint Roller, Pet Hair Roller Sticky for Removing Pet Hair and Dust (3 packs lint roller)

💐💐💐Tape LintRoller, your little secret weapon.Whether you have a furry friend at home, or you simply need to freshen upbefore a big meeting, this lint roller picks up fur, fluff and other stuff soyou can put your best foot forward. 


💐💐💐Any small stuff that you want to grab.

repairing jewelry or eyeglasses

Spilled sugar in your cabinet

Glitter!Anyonewho has ever used glitter for anything knows it goes everywhere.


💐💐💐For dusting anything that can’t get wet:

Covers on speakers

vents on computers

car dashboards

Fold these sheet of lint remover roller make sticky side out and slide them between keys on laptop to get crap out.

🍃 Great for use on Broken glass. When break glass cups or something on tile floor, this lint roller will be helpful for you. Use these sticky roller over the tile floor and pick up any possible shard of glass.
🍃Getting crap out of drawer. Sometimes you wanna clean and tidy your desk drawer at work and there are little bits of stuff in there, you can wipe them all into a pile and pick them up with a sheet of lint roller in bulk without taking out the drawer.
🍃Picking up dead bugs and even some live ones. It seems to get stink bugs in the fall, so keep these pet roller around to pick them up. The live ones emit the stink when they are grabbed, so encasing them in the plastic like sheet of these can help catch that.
🍃Cleaning out hard to reach spaces. Even get crumbs in your pocket or purse. If you don’t carry cookies around on a regular basis, but sometimes lint or something weird will get in your pocket and who wants to pick it out piece by piece? All pockets don’t turn inside out. Just shove a sheet of this lint roller for clothes in there and grab that crap.
📮24 HOURS QUICK REPLY and 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Staffs in our customer service team have rich experience in after-sales service. E-mails will be quickly responded within 24 hours. If you are not satisfied with our lint roller for pet hair, just contact us and we can offer a full refund.

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