LANKIZ Mannequin Head for Eyelash Extensions, Lash Mannequin Head Eyelash Extension Supplies, Rubber Practice Training Head Flat Face with Soft Skin for Lash Extension (Not for Face Painting)

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About us:
LANKIZ consistently adhered to the purpose “quality first, the customer first, quality service, abide by the contract.” We convince that “never too late to change”. Every woman deserves beautiful life no matter what age or color. LANKIZ make and develop products that are related to eyelash extensions and eyelashes. Remember: Beauty belongs to you, dear.

Full refund: We are customer-oriented, and your satisfaction is our biggest goal. If you are not satisfied with the product, we promise to give you a full refund. Our Customer Service has been waiting there for you to make friends.
Advantage of our products:
1. The mannequin training head has a smooth, realistic surface texture simulative of human skin.
2. Easy to clean: You can spray eyelash mannequin head with spray before practicing to prevent staining and removed by make-up remover and then rinse or wipe it with a clean water after each practice. Keep it well, and it will be reusable.
3. No weird smell: It was made of environmentally friendly materials.
4. Application: Perfect to home use or professional salon use.
5. Great material: High quality raw material.

How to use:
1.The eyelash mannequin can be used for eyelash extension train, make up, face paint and facial massage practice.
2.It can be reused, after painting or making up, you can use warm water + brush + cleanser essence or baby oil, banana oil and mineral oil to clean it.It will be better if you clean it with 75% alcohol.
3. Whenever it had been used, please bring it to cool dry and well-ventilated.

1. Normally, it can be used more than 1 year.
2. It can’t squeeze and burn in the sun.

❤HIGH QUALITY: rubber practice mannequin head for eyelash extensions, made of soft silicone rubber, like real human skin smooth, soft, no weird smell, convenient and reusable eyelash extension supplies.
❤EASY TO USE: simulate real human eyes and face, the special flat head and the hole on the back can easily fixed, best ideal for training eyelash extensions.
❤REUSABLE:clean your face with make-up remover and then rinse or wipe it with a clean water after each practice. Keep it well, and it will be reusable.
❤APPLICATION: suitable for practicing eyelash extensions mainly, also for makeup, facial massage or face painting.
❤SIZE: 9.8*5.9*5.1inch like real human head. NET WEIGHT:16.6ozs/470g like a bottom of water.

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