Kilalanin ang Tinaguriang LEGENDARY Baby Face Dahil sa Layu ng Itsura nito sa Kanyang Edad!

Everyone wishes to defy aging and have a youthful look that would not prompt people to ask about their real age. In fact, there are hundreds of ladies all over the world who continue to prove that women can truly defy the laws of aging for real.

In the Philippines, celebrities Dawn Zulueta, Gretchen Barretto, Lucy Torres, and others truly look stunning despite their age.

One of these ladies that seems to defy the natural law of aging is Mari-Chiu, the legendary baby face of Japan, to prove that you can have the youthful looks forever.

Mari-Chiu is a well-known bikini model in Japan who normally turns heads not just because of her perfectly toned body, but also because of her mesmerizing beauty. She was born on October 8, 1995.

Initially, you will say she’s only 8 years old but she’s already 22 years old. Just giving a glance at her photos, the 22-year-old model will be a 12-year-old kid’s beauty in your sight.

According to Showbiz Insight, Mari-Chiu, at the age of 22, as the full-grown body. She has this body that everyone’s been wishing to have. With just one glance from her perfectly shaped figure, you’ll definitely end up falling for her.

For most of her followers, they see her as a 12-year-old girl trapped inside a 22-year-old woman’s body.

Well, Mari-Chiu is the best example that youthful looks exist. In fact, men from different parts of the world can’t stop admiring this woman’s beauty!

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