Kenyan Doctors ‘Suspended’ after Performing Brain Surgery on the Wrong Patient

According to Daily Nation, this was “one of the worst cases of medical malpractice to become public at Kenyatta National Hospital”.

With the medical advancement and technology in our world today, more and more people are living longer, more productive lives. Sadly, not all doctors and medical staff deserve their title, with thousands of patients dying from medical malpractice. To err is human, but messing with the lives of others is something else.

Kenyan doctors are now under fire after opening the head of the “wrong patient”. According to reports, two men had been wheeled into the Kenyatta National Hospital on a weekend. One apparently needed a surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain, “while the other only required nursing and medication to heal a trauma swelling in his head”.

People protest outside the said hospital.

There was, however, “a horror mix-up of tags”, which resulted in the wrong man being wheeled into theatre and his skull opened. It was hours into the surgery that the team of doctors realized they opened the wrong head when they found no blood clot in the brain.

The hospital already apologized and appeased the public by making sure both patients are safe. They also claimed to have suspended the doctor in charge of the surgery. However, the doctor’s colleagues had protested the suspension, saying that the nurses who prepared the patient for surgery were the ones at fault for wrongly labelling the two patients.

“As unit colleagues, we believe that while our friend may have exhibited some procedural shortcomings, the surgery was done on the wrong patient mainly because of wrong patient labelling by the ward staff,” the doctors were quoted as saying.

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