Japanese Company Releases A Sexy Knitted Sweaters That Will Dominate 2018.

A Japanese company named Village Vanguard created backless, sleeveless jumper called the “Virgin Killer”. The company is back with a bolder clothing item including a version of the revealing sweater that comes with a plunging neckline. The latest designs were far kinkier than the previous ones. The new clothing items are really aren’t leaving much for the imagination.



According to Daily Mail, the first release was a massive hit. The original kinky clothes thrilled fans in Japan after images from the raunchy photoshoot went viral.

A spokesperson for Village Vanguard said:

“The original model was a social phenomenon because of the sexiness of the jumper.”

“The long-awaited new models appeal to the cleavage and they have the signature open back.”

The revealing garment sold out in just one day after going on sale in March. Latest designs include a short-sleeved and high-leg version, essentially a knitted swimsuit.

“These designs are perfect for the season as parties and events increase.”

“Please take responsibility wearing them at your own risk.”

The kinky sweaters sell online for 3,980 Japanese Yen (around £26).

What can you say about this clothing? Would you wear it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: UrDailyJournal

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