Ito Ang Mga Klarong Senyales Na Ang Hanap Lang Ng Lalaki Ay Pakikipagloving sa mga Babae!

In love, physical or outside appearance doesn’t matter because this is not the basis of it. But we can’t blame others who first fall in love with the appearance because this is what we actually see first. This should not the first thing we look on people before we love them. But there are times when a relationship was driven not purely by love but by sex.

Here are some of the clear signs that a man only wants sex:

1. The booty call means that men are calling and texting every midnight or past 1 am because they wanted to have sex with you and nothing more.

2. If he can’t introduce you to her friends and family because he’s not serious about you and you’re just a leisure.

3. When he avoid seeing you or pretending that he doesn’t know you in the midst of many people.

4. If he doesn’t ask you to eat outside or watch a movie and he only wants to have sex with you only.

5. When the man only wanted what you know and you were good on the bed. He also plans the next time you will have sex.

6. The man who is not sleeping next to you or departs immediately after you have sex and is not sleeping anymore.

7. When all you do is sex when you are together.

8. The man who does not spend on your dates or when he asks you out becomes stingy.

9. The man who can not plan with you is the kind of man who is not interested in a relationship.

10. If he doesn’t ask how are you after sex, she does not think of you as his partner but only a sex mate.

11. The man who does not ask about your life, your friends or your family because he is not interested in you and he only wanted sex from you.

12. When you’re always talking about sex and nothing else.

13. The man who have sex with another woman and talks about it with you.

14. Some men say if they really want to have sex with you, so if you do not agree with what they want, better to leave them now that be heartbroken later.

Before you have sex or give surrender your virginity to a man, make sure that he doesn’t just want sex from you but a lifetime and become the mother of his children.

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Source: Pinoy Health Remedies

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