A woman named Eula, a pseudonym sent her letter to Erwin Tulfo’s “Itanong Mo Sa Experto” radio program.

Here’s her letter:

“Dear Sir Erwin, I am 21 years old saleslady at nakapangasawa ng isang Nigerian national. Ang problema ko Sir and I hope matulungan ako ng mga kilala niyo experto na ang aking mister na Nigeria. Mabait po siya at mapagmahal ng sobra, may pera din kaya ayaw niya na akong magtrabaho. Sir, ang problema kasi sobrang laki kasi ng junjun niya, mahaba na, mataba pa. Dahilan para magkagalos ang aking pwerta tuwing naglalabing-labing kami. Oo nga’t masarap sa una Sir, pero masakit at mahapdi na after. Gusto pa niya, araw-araw pa. We try na po lubricant pero no effect Sir. Pakitanong naman po sa mga Obygne na kilala niyo kung anu dapat kung gawin para di manlamig si mister sa akin. Mahal ko po siya ng sobra. Lovingly yours, alyas Eula.

Dra. Flor Yabut-Pera, Obstetrician-Gynecologist, said that it’s about cultural difference. Because when it comes to other races, particularly black, has big p*nis.

The host throws a joke using a quote: “When you go black, you never go back.”

Dra Flor explained that every race has different sizes whether Filipino, Americans, etc. She suggested that one of the options she would consider is a surgical procedure, making her genital’s entrance a bit wider.

When asked by the host if who is doing the procedure, if it’s an ob-gyn or cosmetology, she answered ob-gynecologist or OBGYN.

The doctor also explained that eventually, the netizen will be used to it. She even uses an analogy that it is like wearing unfit shoes and putting something to loosen the tightness, stretching it.

However, the host reasoned out that when it comes to shoes, you can go to malls and check if it fits and the woman’s situation is far more different.

Dra. Flor revealed that the couple didn’t engage in pre-marital sex before they got married.

The host asked the doctor if lubricants can help ease her condition and she answered it can help.

One Facebook commenter suggested: “Kung hindi kakasya sa main door, doon ka sa kusina, sa backdoor.”

They all burst into laughter when the doctor said that it’s much painful because it’s not the normal passage.

The doctor also mentioned that thought the woman can actually take it, the results will be a lot of abrasions.

What can you say about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Online News Feed

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