Is 2012 Close To The End Of Time?

Biblical end of times prophecy, also known as eschatology, revels what will happen to the earth during its final days as laid out primarily within the books of Daniel and Revelation. These books reveal several different signs that must come to pass before the end of the current age. Many who study this topic do believe that we are currently living in the day’s shortly before the Lord’s second coming, but not everyone agrees on the specifics. This article will cover several important signs that the Bible tells us to look for.

In the Book of Matthew, chapter 24, Jesus is asked point blank what signs to look for to determine when the end of times has come. He then mention several broaders signs of the end of the age such as wars, famines, pestilence and deception. He also says that many will come claiming to be the messiah and that the gospel will be preached throughout the world. One doesn’t have to look too hard to see that many of these signs have already come to pass, and in fact continue to fulfill scrupture at an alarming rate.

The apostle Paul in the books of I Timothy and II Timothy also offers some divinely inspired clues that will help identify the end of times. He speaks of a coming ungodly society where men will be self centred, selfish and lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. Additionally, he specifically refers to the intensity of demonic deception that would occur through the rise of false teaching within the Christian church. This is clear in the increasing spread of New Age belief systems and their infilitration of Christian teachings. Not to mention that alternative lifestyles are being embraced and celebrated in mainstream culture.

Another major event that biblical prophecy speaks of is the mark of the beast which will be tied into a single world currency. As we continue to progress through a long and dark global recession, talk of creating a single currency is on the rise. Moreover, microchip technology has already progressed to the point of creating implantable chips in human beings that may be used for identification purposes and even monetary transactions in the future. While there is no way of knowing is this is specifically what the Bible talks about, technology has reached the point where it’s possible.

There are many other events that need to be fulfilled, and not all bible scholars agree regarding the specifics. These include the formation of the state of Israel in 1948, plans for a global new world order, increased travel and knowledge, and more.

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