Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At This Amazon Review Left By A Guy Who Bought A Giant Inflatable Ball

If you looked through the entire IMDB archive and still haven’t found a comedy that’s worthy of your time, try reading Amazon reviews. There, you will find stories that are both funnier and more intriguing than most Hollywood blockbusters. For example, take this comment about a gigantic inflatable beach ball. It’s vivid, it has an unexpected ending and whoever uploaded it should consider a career in screenwriting. Scroll down to read the unforgettable story and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

Amazon is selling a 12-foot inflatable ball and apparently some people are buying it

But one guy gave it a 2-star rating, and here’s why

People loved the hilarious review and were quick to respond

Even a fellow buyer showed up!

Wanna own one? Buy it here

read full article here :

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