Indian-Origin Boy Beats Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein in the Mensa IQ Test

We have all dreamed of having a child someday. A child that has our looks, talent, and attitude and if we’re lucky enough, may the child be a genius as well. It’d be great if our prayers will come true but what if it was more than what we asked for?

In the UK, a 10-year old boy became the youngest child who took the Mensa IQ test. Mehul Garg, also known by his nickname Mahi, took the test just like what his older brother did. Although his brother, Dhruv Garg who was 13-years old, got the highest score of 162 last year.

The Mensa IQ test is the biggest and longstanding IQ test in the world and considered to be the most elite with roughly 1% of the global population are lucky enough to be part of it. The members in Mensa are currently 20,000, and only 1,500 are minors.

According to their mother, Divya Garg, “Mahi is fiercely competitive. His older brother had achieved the same score last year, so he wanted to prove that he is no less intelligent than his brother.” Surprisingly, Mahi also got the score of 162 in the Mensa IQ test, in which he overthrew Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s score of 160. 

This places Mahi to be included in the 1% of people who accomplished this achievement. His mother added, “Mehul said the paper challenged his language skills, including analogies and definitions and his sense of logic.”

Mahi claimed that he was extremely nervous since the exam was time-pressured but his father, Gaurav Garg, rooted for him all the way. After a week, it appears Mahi couldn’t wait for the results, he said, “I was in tears when I got the results back.”

Mahi has big dreams, and it includes heading a big tech company like Google. As of now, he is striving to be part of the “Child Genius 2018” which is an American reality show that features 20 children between the age of 8 to 12 from across the world to compete for $100,000 college fund and the title of ‘Child Genius’. He is currently included in the top 100 contenders for this year.

Mahi will no doubt make his parents proud once more, and we can only hope that he can use his gift and talents to introduce something to help change the world for the better. Go Mahi!

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