Husband Felt ‘Relieved’ after looking at His Wife’s Chopped up Body in Their Home

The man claimed that his wife wasn’t herself and that she made sounds like a “goat”, making it “easier for him to chop her up.”

A man from Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City, was taken into custody after admitting he had killed and chopped up his wife in their very own home. Her body was found by children playing next door to the couple’s home. It was like the worst scene from a horror movie.

Neighbors were horrified they saw the body after the kids ran to them and told them what they saw. What they saw shocked them to the core. The woman was unidentifiable. Both her legs were chopped off. So were her arms. Her head was skinned and crushed, while her stomach slit open. Her intestines were scattered around her. One of her legs was stuffed in her stomach.

According to the suspect, identified as 43-year-old Orlando Estrera, his wife was asking to get massaged and was lying on her stomach when he stepped on her and cut open her body using a knife to look for her uterus. Apparently, he was angry that his wife couldn’t bear a child, and wanted to check her uterus if there was a baby there.

In addition to that, Estrera said he saw his wife as a goat and skinned her face to see who was behind “the mask.” A resident told ABS-CBN News that the suspect allegedly said, “That’s what should be done to wives.”

“Hindi ako natakot at nangdiri habang hinihiwa ko katawan guminhawa ang pakiramdam ko noong nakita ko siyang ganun, Naka bawi narin ako sa hirap habang kasama ko siya”, he said during the interview.

(I wasn’t scared or disgusted when I chopped her up. I was in fact relieved when I saw her like that, I finally got back at her for all the hardships I underwent when I was with her.)

Posted by Dk Zarate on Sunday, March 11, 2018

The suspect claims he didn’t feel any regret and was in fact “relieved” when his wife died like that.

Police recovered a knife and a hammer from the crime scene. Estrera will face parricide charges and is currently being held at Camp Karingal.

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