"HINDI AKO PAPAYAG NA SORRY LANG MATATANGAP NG ANAK KO" Ofw Mom Explodes in Anger After Knowing that her Daughter is Being Bullied Through a Viral Video

Bullying is prohibited, it can happen anywhere, anytime and to anybody. It can also happen in school such as classrooms, playground, during pe class or in a certain spot where you can rest.

Bullying is a worldwide problem, and it has short or long-term effects on its victims. According to recorded cases in the past of bullying, both teachers and parents have tried to stop their students and children from being bullied or the ones who bully other students.

However, despite their efforts to stop and prevent bullying among students it seems that there are still students who don’t know that bullying is not good for them like this viral video who make recently make rounds online.

Recently a video that was shared by an online user named Michael Alfredo Faminial went viral on the Internet. It was a two-minute clip of students from Sacred Heart Lucena who was seen cursing and slapping three times the face of a poor student named Tasha, who is sitting on a bench.

In the middle of the said video, the rude girl who slaps the bullied student was identified and her name is Zydney Merell Salvador. When the said video quickly went viral on Facebook, it reached the mother of Tasha named Honey Ethel Arce Retuita, which is an OFW who is currently working in Abu Dhabi.

She doesn’t like what she saw on the video that urges her to post it on her Facebook account and shared her sentiment saying that she wants justice for her daughter.

She also added that she will never accept a simple apology from the student who hurt her daughter and she is willing to see them in court and file a case against them, especially on Zydney. She also asks the school’s authority to make a necessary action regarding her daughter’s case so that there will be no other student who will suffer the kind of bully her daughter experience.

Honey also shares her disappointment with the people who urge her to stop spreading the said video and she said that they should be ashamed not her. After all, Tasha is Honey’s daughter and she wants what’s good for her daughter and that would be a punishment for students who bullied Tasha.

What happened to Tasha is a serious problem that can dramatically affect her ability to progress academically and socially. It is also a wake-up call to everyone that bullying is happening everywhere and in some cases, it is one of the reasons why numerous young people suffer from depression and later on commits suicide. This is the right time to do something and stand against bullying.

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