Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo Sulfate Free – No Harmful Chemicals, Natural Ingredients, Tested Real Results, Stops Loss, Aids Regrowth Gives Body and Shine

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Stop Losin It!

My partner Dave, started to notice an uncommon amount of hair in his hands when combing or brushing his hair and in the shower. The reality of increasingly clogged shower drains and just a recognition of, “hmmm… what’s this hair in my fingers” began to creep up on him. He’d tell me, “There’s a bit more every day…”

So, he started to look at hair loss prevention shampoos. He bought and tried numerous brands and wasn’t happy with what he personally tested on the market. He did his homework and came up with a formula that stopped his hair loss and kept it that way. It took him a couple of weeks to notice, hmmm… less and less hair and finally, virtually no hair loss, when frankly, he didn’t see such results from the leading brands. They just didn’t do a great job in his estimation, or did it at the expense of too many chemicals… or just cost an arm and a leg.

So, we decided to put out Dave’s own shampoo formulation and see if we could share this with Amazon buyers to Stop Losin’ It! It will stop the loss and prevent further loss and pave the way for hair regrowth serums to work better – less chemicals, better preparation for hair regrowth.

So, give our hair loss prevention shampoo a try. We’re so confident that if you aren’t happy, we will rush every penny back to you, yesterday. That is the bottom line in our business – we aren’t in the hair care business, we are in the we care about you business. The only success we have is your success and happiness. Period.

So, never fear – we are here to do whatever necessary to thrill you with results or else. So grab a bottle today and Stop Losin’ It!

REAL RESULTS: Out of personal necessity, we’ve tested our shampoo against the top names in hair loss prevention shampoo market. We know first-hand that in a couple of weeks, hair in the brush, hair in the fingers in the shower dwindled and stopped. That’s better than we saw from the hair loss prevention or regrowth shampoos we tested. We produce our formula because it works.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Look at our ingredients mix and compare – no foot-long chemical terms in our formula. No Parabens, Sulfate free, no weird chemistry lab sorcery, Just the basic compositional requirements to make it shampoo and the rest just the right combination of natural ingredients grown from the earth.
WHAT’S INSIDE: Our natural mix includes: Gleditsia Sinesis (multi-purpose medicinal herb used in Chinese medicine), Fruit Extracts, Almond, Ginger, Ginseng, Camellia Senesis (Green Tea), Grape Fruit Seed, Keratin Amino Acids and Walnut Extract. (See Ingredients Section for full ingredients.) These make for a great shampoo texture, and give your hair body and shine in addition to hair loss prevention.
OUR BEAUTIFUL YOU GUARANTEE: At 6th Sense, we insist on every single customer being thrilled. If for any reason you aren’t, email, call, write us and we will handle it, hands down, right now. We refund at the drop of a hat and cater to your every whim, even if you’ve outlasted your 30-day refund period. We don’t care – we care that you get what you paid for and are 100% pleased. Nothing else is good enough. So, if there’s a bug, or a tinge of unhappy, our email address is on the bottle.

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