Guy Ask a Millionaire Why He is Still Using His Old Phone and Car If He Can Easily Afford a New Sports Car and iPhone X, His Answer Makes Everyone Amazed

The world is full of material things, and most of us measure the richness of other people from the things they have, and they can afford.

If they have the latest gadget, a big house, where they live in, lots of money on their bank account and if they have the latest and most expensive cars and if they see it on you they will dub you as a rich person.

We should know that riches is not measured by all the material things a person has just like the story of a viral conversation of the man named Shane DaPhoneyguy Williams that was posted online. The said post was a conversation of Williams to a millionaire in Atlanta.

Their conversation contains Williams question on the millionaire about the choice of material things he is buying. Williams asked the millionaire on why he uses old model iPhone 5s when he can afford to buy an Ipone X and the millionaire quickly responded on William saying, “Do I need it? My phone isn’t broken.”

William asked the millionaire again on why he used a 2012 Honda Pilot car if he can afford to buy a Masserati and the millionaire replied again saying his APR is 0.9 and its paid off and still running, for him it is just a car and he can buy ten cash right away.

He also added that why would he impress those people with less money than him and his credit score impresses lenders, and that’s was the most important in his life.”

The short conversation taught us that we don’t need to show off to other people that we are rich and that humility is still a virtue. The most important thing in life is to be content with what we have and to not aspire to the things we don’t have because we cannot afford to buy it.

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