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Grump Stress Relief Putty
Cheer up, Ya Grump!
Do you know anyone who isn’t a morning person? Maybe they’re nice until something doesn’t go their way? Or, maybe it’s someone who’s just a grump all the time? When your friends and family are rage-filled monsters, toss them a tin of Grump Stress Relief Putty. The tin is filled with premium, chameleon, purple therapy putty that will put a smile on even the meanest sourpuss.
Stress happens to everyone, and you can choose to either let it rule you or rule it. Who likes a Grump? No one. Grumps don’t get raises at work. Grumps don’t get breakfast in bed on their birthday. The only thing Grumps get are side glances and the occasional bird…and we’re not talking about the flying kind. Stop being a grump – squeeze and squish some Grump Stress Relief Putty until tension, stress, and crankiness go away.
Lose the Grump, Chump
Grump Stress Relief Putty is for anyone who could use a touch of help handling stress better. If your idea of “handling it” is grumbling into a bowl of ice cream while wearing your favorite adult onesie, then you’ve got bigger problems than putty, BUT putty can help you get close enough to normal to change into pants.
The worries of everyday life will melt away as you push and pull the putty in your hands. Your sour demeanor will soften, and soon you’ll be singing to the birds and rainbows will start shooting out of your butt. It’s documented. You never know what effect the power of a good mood might have on you and the people around you. Grump Stress Relief Putty is a funny addition to care packages, gift baskets, birthday presents, Christmas stocking stuffers, or retirement gifts.
Tin measures approximately 85 mm and holds about 60 g of putty.
FOR NOVELTY USE ONLYDON’T BE A GRUMPY GUS – CHILL OUT – When you get a case of the grumps, stop and grab Grumpy Stress Relief Putty. It’s designed to remove grumpiness and bring the smile back to your face. Grouchy doesn’t look good on anyone.
STRESS RELIEF AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – A good day and sunny outlook on life are only a few pulls and tugs from Grumpy Stress Relief Putty. No matter what soured your mood, the putty can make it all go away. Bad day at work? Tough day in class? Soothe the grumpiness with some playtime.
NO ONE LIKES GRUMPY PEOPLE – Did REM do a song about Dull, Grumpy People? Did Adam Sandler do a movie called Grumpy Gilmore? No. Why? No one likes a sourpuss. Even the Grinch got his smile back and despite being an evil psychopath, Freddy Krueger always had a smile on his face.
A WEIRD STOCKING STUFFER FOR ADULTS AND STUDENTS – Everyone gets stressed out to the point that they’re just plain old grumpy, but they don’t have to stay that way. Not only is Grumpy Stress Relief Putty a funny surprise to find in a stocking, but it’s also useful for relaxing away some anxiety through therapeutic play.
SPECIALLY DESIGNED TO SOOTHE AWAY STRESS: Release tension as you soften the specially formulated, purple chameleon putty by squeezing and kneading it in your hands. You’ll turn that frown upside down in no time.

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