Former Pinoy Big Brother Housemates Who Turned FHM Model

It seems that competition in the entertainment industry gets tougher and tougher.  Now that there are a lot of talents who are getting discovered in social media every day.

Some of the ways to enter or at least be known in the industry are by joining ABS-CBN’s reality show, “Pinoy Big Brother”.

Often times, we see housemates hotties inside the Big Brother house, and if you’re wondering where they are now, you’ll only have to look at the latest FHM (For Him Magazine) cover. FHM is a magazine that features sexy women in the industry like, models, TV presenters, reality stars, and singers. So why don’t we recount the PBB hotties that got featured on FHM?


PBB Appearance: 2008, PBB Teen Edition

FHM Appearance: August 2014

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Beauty Gonzalez, otherwise known as the “Rebellious Beauty of Dumaguete”, entered the world of showbiz as a Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition housemate in 2008.

She was the first who won 4th place at the PBB house and immediately managed to get a role on a teleserye, “Dream Dad”. While that was quite an achievement, she also got featured on the FHM magazine that certainly got the attention of the male half of the population. You go, girl!


PBB Appearance: 2005, PBB Season 1

FHM Appearance: June 2004

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This compassionate Filipino-Indian beauty was PBB season 1’s resident hottie. She certainly brought her natural caring attitude which contradicts to her fiery, sexy aura. The whole time she was inside the house, all the eyes of the male housemates were on her. No wonder FHM featured her, this hottie from Davao is a certified babe!


PBB Appearance: 2006, PBB Celebrity Edition

FHM Appearance: June 2004 (cover girl)

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While this Fil-German babe is apparently working with GMA, she’s also done projects with TV5 and ABS-CBN. In 2006, she joined PBB Celebrity edition and admittedly gained a few pounds due to a health condition. However, no one could forget her hot body, not when FHM chose her as their cover photo.


PBB Appearance: 2006, PBB Celebrity Edition

FHM Appearance: July 2013 (1st Appearance), June 2014 Online Babe

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Before this Fil-Am actress became the bombshell she is now; she joined PBB Celebrity Edition in 2006. She was a professional child model back in the U.S. before continuing her career here in the Philippines at the age of 13.


PBB Appearance: 2006, PBB Teen Edition

FHM Appearance: March 2008 (cover with Hazel Ann Mendoza), August 2011 (cover)

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Even though some viewers saw her as the annoying “sosyalera”, a lot of them accepted her kikay attitude. She appeared on FHM as the cover photo with Hazel Ann Mendoza and also the cover photo on the August 2011 issue. Just look at that angelic face and devilishly hot body, who wouldn’t want to feature her?


PBB Appearance: 2006, PBB Teen Edition

FHM Appearance: May 2007 (cover girl), FHM Online Babe September 2008

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Jamilla was with Kim Chui and Gerald Anderson in the PBB house back in 2006. It was clear even then that she will be FHM-ready after she exits the house. And if you were wondering, she is now a skin care specialist in Las Pinas! You should see her recent photos, she’s definitely gotten hotter!


PBB Appearance: 2008, PBB Celebrity Edition

FHM Appearance: October 2007 (cover girl)

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The Canadian Actress was a former beauty queen and title holder of Miss Earth Canada 2006, Miss World Canada 2011 and Miss Universe Canada 2013! There is no doubt she deserves those titles, just look at her! FHM even featured her first before she joined the PBB house.


PBB Appearance: 2007 Edition, PBB Season 2

FHM Appearance: October 2010 (cove girl with Jef Gaitan)

This certified “bad-girl” on the PBB house season 2, not only proved that being true to yourself is important but also true to others. She placed 3rd even though she often gained negative comments amongst the viewers. This PBB hottie was a beauty queen wherein she was awarded as Binibining Pilipinas Tourism. Looking at the photo below, this feisty actress did not shy away from the snake hanging around her, what a girl!


PBB Appearance: 2009, PBB Double Up

FHM Appearance: Two-Time Philippines’ Finest (2010, 2011), July 2010 and December 2011 (cover girl)

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Sam became one of the “IT-girl” and was also featured in different magazines like Woman Today, Gadgets Magazine and got featured numerous times on FHM. There is no denying this beauty will have a great career in the industry. She was voted as FHM Philippine’s Sexiest Woman in the World in 2011 and 2012 but failed to claim her third attempt to Marian Rivera.


PBB Appearance: 2011, PBB Unlimited

FHM Appearance: FHM columnist (Sex M.D.), July 2010 (1st appearance)

The sensual siren of Quezon City opted for a voluntary exit on PBB Unlimited in 2011. However, her article in FHM and cover photo still rocked the world of the readers.


PBB Appearance: 2011, PBB Unlimited

FHM Appearance: September 2012

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This quirky housemate charmed the viewers with her energetic attitude. Even though she seems to be dancing her way out of ‘Kuya’s’ given task, this hottie attacked head on and joined Miss Earth Philippines 2017.


PBB Appearance: 2011, PBB Unlimited

FHM Appearance: June 2014

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This self-confessed lesbian hottie agreed to get featured on FHM! After her PBB appearance in 2011, her FHM feature got a lot of viewers thinking, “why?” She said, “No, it’s just more of me perv-ing on them, ha ha! I wanted to do something different, something that would make me push myself, and this was really stepping out of my comfort zone. Because I don’t even go to the pool without my board shorts on.” But damn, that body is still something to die for!


PBB Appearance: 2010 PBB Teen Clash

FHM Appearance: 2015

image via:

Unfortunately, her cutie housemate image did not make the cut for her to win the season of PBB. James Reid won that season, but don’t worry, we’ll be seeing more of her! Tricia shifted her image to something bolder and sexier. She debuted as FHM babe in the 2015 issue of the magazine, yet looking at her photos, she still looks so cute! Yet so hot!


PBB Appearance: 2012 PBB Teen Edition

FHM Appearance: 2014

We’ve all had fears of what people might think, and Myrtle was no exception. She was hesitant at first to pose for FHM, but she agreed after she met the FHM staff! What did they tell her? Myrtle confirms, “Natatakot ako noon there is always that stereotype, and people will always box you into something pero ‘yung sa akin naman kasi… I couldn’t sleep nong in-offer sa akin but when I’ve met up na with the staff ng FHM, when they offered me their themes and concepts and the people na makakatrabaho ko, the photographer, the make-up artist parang bigla kong na –realize na parang masaya naman siya basically like cosplying pero sexier and it’s different side na mas aabangan ng mga tao kaya ko siya tinanggap.”


PBB Appearance: 2015 Pinoy Big Brother 737

FHM Appearance: February 2016

image via:

Dawn’s sexy cover photo for FHM boosted her career. She placed 4th place in PBB 737 and was a member of the hot legs dance group in Australia. She was a former dance teacher, no wonder her FHM feature just made ballet dancing hotter!

It is amazing to see that these hotties are being featured in FHM. There is no doubt that Filipinas are beautiful and sexy!

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