Farmer shocked when two-headed pig born and both heads are fully functional

Local media have reported the bizarre looking babe was born in the village of Gamarjeeba in western Georgia’s Kakheti.

The farmer said the baby pig was born with both heads fully alive. He said he expected one to die off, being the weaker, but it is believed the piglet is still going strong.

Shocked onlooker Otar Kiklashvili shared the photo of the pig online, saying it belonged to a longtime school friend, stressing the pig is completely real. The photo has since been shared over and over by astounded commentators, who have all waded in to the debate.

Beka Gonashvili said: “This is not artificial, is that right? That’s a real one?”

While Irma Abshilava added: “Ewwww, I wish these were twins. Not just one piggy.”

And the cute piglet is not the only animal born mutant this year.

In April this year a cow was born with five legs in Qinglong County, in south-western China’s Guizhou.

Kind-hearted owner Chen Mingguo took in the dairy cow after all other farmers in the area abandoned him because they were worried he would be a financial strain.

Chen, however, decided to bring the calf home because he was “curious”, and he has been happy to see the animal mature into an adult without any issue.

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