Farmer offered £2,400 for his five-legged cow by cult that worships them

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February 21, 2017
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February 22, 2017

Worshipers think the cow – a sacred animal in the Hindu religion – is a “lucky charm” and one “cult” has offered him 200,000 rupees for the animal, local sources said. 

But Mr Abrol from Ludhiana district in Punjab, India, has refused to sell the baby cow which has a fifth leg next to its neck – which has three extra feet. 

One local said: “He has been offered approximately rs.200000 but the owner is emotionally attached with this calf and he has dedicated it to his father. 

“This new born calf has suddenly become a centre of attraction and people are coming from far flung areas to see him. 

“People are really excited to take photos with this calf and some people are treating him as a lucky charm. 

“They are worshiping him and offering money in front of him. 

“The cow has great significance in Hindu religion and according to the owner one cult who worship cows has started to offer money.”

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