Farmer left STUNNED as lamb is born with FIVE LEGS

Omer Ozgul, who lives and farms at Belenardic in the Pamukkale district of western Turkey’s Denizli Province, says people have been coming from far and wide to see the new arrival.

He has named the five-legged lamb Capar and said that it was the first time that he had seen anything like it in 15 years of sheep breeding.

Mr Ozgul said the lamb looked completely normal except for the extra leg protruding from its side, just behind its left front leg.

But he said that it had been a difficult delivery for the ewe which gave birth to the lamb.

Mr Ozgul said: “I helped the sheep give birth, it was very difficult, it started in the early evening and went on into the night.

“At first I thought the extra leg was a second lamb but then I realised. The lamb’s extra leg is unusual, it splits into two, but that is how it came into the world.” 

The farmer said that he had called a veterinarian as soon as he realised that the lamb had a fifth leg.

Mr Ozgul added: “I explained the situation and the vet told me the lamb had a chance to survive and told me not to cut it off myself but to bring it to him.

“I took it to him but he said that it was still too young and that he will amputate the extra leg when it is a bit bigger.”

Animals can be born with extra limbs, a condition known as polymelia, for a number of reasons.

The most common is the partial development of a conjoined twin which ends up attached to the other twin.

But genetic mutations, injuries, toxins and infections during crucial stages of foetal development can also cause polymelia.

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