Family Seeks Help for OFW in Kuwait to be Brought Home after She Died from a Heart Attack

When an OFW dies abroad, it can be costly and extremely complicated, something her family cannot afford.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) go to work in other countries hoping to make their lives better. Many parents would leave their children in the care of others, just to take care of their employer’s children, hoping to be able to save enough money for their own children’s future. While there are OFWs have succeeded in securing a high-paying job abroad, many of them do low-paying jobs, with some even suffering abuse brought about by their employers.

The hardest part of being an OFW is having to work away from family for months (some even years). OFWs miss out when their families get together for the holidays or important occasions like birthdays, but they believe that all of their sacrifices will soon pay off anyway.

Everybody knows that when an OFW dies abroad, it can be costly and complicated. For the bereaved family, losing their loved one and having to pay for expenses can be quite a burden and a hard time. The family will have to handle complicated paperwork, unfamiliar bureaucracy, repatriation cost, strange customs—alll handled in a foreign language—while still grieving for their dead.

Knowing how hard it is, one netizen, Facebook user Chelyn Casaba, decided to help the family by seeking help online. According to her, the OFW’s family needs help for their family member to be brought home safely and soon, if possible.

Apparently, an OFW named Jaquelyn Abellano passed away after suffering a heart attack. She was declared dead at the Mubarak Alkabeer hospital in Kuwait and had no relatives with her in the said country.

Many netizens expressed their heartfelt condolences to the deceased, while some tagged known TV personalities like the Tulfo brothers. The Tulfo brothers are known in the Philippines for helping many OFWs abroad. Hopefully, some people in power will notice and help Abellano get home to her family.

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