Experts Warn When You See Square Waves On The Beach, Get Out Of The Water Immediately!

If you think you see and know everything, you might think twice.

The earth is full of mystery and every single day, a new discovery is being unveiled. Although a lot of people in the past already made breakthrough discoveries that changed the world forever, there are still more things and events that no one could give a concrete explanation.

Up to this day, scientists still thrive to provide us with more information about phenomenon and mysteries so we could understand our world more.

One popular tourist destination of Isle of Rhe in France, which is a small island strip just 19 miles long and three miles wide, there are a specific set of waves that beautifully display the force of nature at its most powerful.

Unlike any other ocean, the waves showcase strange patterns. It’s strangely shaped into a square pattern, looking like a chessboard that is perfectly displayed on the surface of the ocean around this small slip of land.

The overall look of the whole water area near the Isle is so breathtaking that it also managed to attract the attention of tourists who take their time to climb up to the lighthouse in order to take the nicest view of the ocean.

According to Shareably, further research on this stunning look of the ocean showed that it actually happens because the island is in an area where two seas meet. This is called a cross sea, as these two seas that intersect in this area have different weather patterns.

Thought the appearance seems so beautiful, it turns out that the said peculiar formations in the water can be very dangerous. The cross sea is incredibly dangerous to be in, as the riptide is stronger than the average person has ever experienced. It could mean danger for most civilians if they find themselves out there when this happens.

Looks can sometimes be deceiving. Either way, tourists could still enjoy the view and take long baths on the beach side as long as proper precautions are taken.

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Source: Danified

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