Dopa Mucuna 150mg – 15% L Dopa Velvet Bean Extract Mucuna Pruriens Capsules by BoostCeuticals (100)

Mucuna pruriens 15% L-DOPA supports the brain in cell to cell communication. As the precursor of Dopamine (a neurotransmitter that promotes wellness and motivation) it can provide valuable benefits in increasing brain function and brain ability. Dopamine supplements can assist as a mood stabilizer avoiding mood swings and more.

You Can Discover the Benefits of Non GMO BoostCeuticals Dopa Bean Extract with No Fillers

At BoostCeuticals we like to bring nature and science together to provide valuable solutions in a natural way without any potentially harmful ingredients.

Our nootropics are manufactured under strict GMP guidelines in an FDA approved facility, so you know safety and quality is of high importance.

Benefits of BoostCeuticals Nootropic Supplement

• Promotes Relaxation, Supports Sleep & Aids Motivation*

• Promotes Libido & Supports Healthy Hormone Levels*

• Aids in the Reduction of Stress and Promotes Better Focus and a Healthy Brain*

• Contains No Harmful Stearates or Artificial Additives

• Mucuna Dopa 100mg is Good, but our Higher Dose Dopa Mucuna 150mg is best*

• Better than a Dopa Mucuna Powder and Much More Convenient*

Buy now to feel the additional brain power benefits of Mucuna Dopa by BoostCeuticals

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

• ALL NATURAL MUCUNA DOPA – Unlike others, our natural supplement doesn’t make you sick or sleepy, cause you to get headaches or make you feel weird*
• NATURAL BRAIN SUPPORT Best nootropics pure higher dose dopa Mucuna Pruriens is the ideal brain food, mood support and mood stabilizer aid *
• PREVENT FRUSTRATION Do not lose confidence with highest dosage Mucuna not regular 100mg – for best value cognitive function assisting mood swings libido and brain power*
• MADE IN USA IN FDA & GMP CERTIFIED FACILITY ensuring best quality and potency dopamine supplements – the ideal dietary supplement for health and wellness, *
• ORDER NOW NO RISK Pure Velvet Bean Extract – 15 % L-DOPA for full mental alertness – be satisfied or receive a no fuss money back return *

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