Doctors Find 26 Cockroaches inside Man’s Ears after He Complained of ‘Itchiness’

The mother cockroach slid into his ear, and spawned 25 little cockroaches inside.

When we sleep, insects and creepy crawlers are free to attack our bodies without us even knowing. There are times when we discover bites once we wake up, without remembering how we got them the night before. What this man discovered when he woke up was definitely the shock of his life.

A man surnamed Li, was rushed to the emergency room of a hospital in Guangdong Province, southern China after experiencing discomfort and itching in his ear. The doctors were in shock after they discovered the reason for her itching—26 cockroaches decided to reside in her ear!

Using an electric otoscope, they were able to look inside his ears—and to their horror, something was looking back at them. Apparently, a mother cockroach slid into his ear and decided to spawn 25 of her little cockroaches inside.

Yang Jing, a doctor from Chang’an Xiaobian Hospital in Dongguan, told TVS: “We saw an insect-shaped object blocking his ear canal completely.”

Thankfully, doctors were able to take out every single cockroach and flushed Li’s ear. Cockroaches, who are often pitched as the only creature that would survive a nuclear explosion, are hardy insects that can survive for months with no food.

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