Dating Prinsesa, Ngayo’y Buhay Yaya Na!

Fate is sometimes playful. You would realize the things you have regretted or the things you should have done when it is late. As the saying goes, “Nasa huli ang pagsisisi.” However, having a child is not something to repent of because it is one of the most beautiful gifts from God.

One stage of a person’s life that can’t be rewind is your past self or being a teenager, similar to being a princess.


But why did I say, princess? You might be wondering why. Your teenage life cannot be compared to your situation when you are married and have your own family.

I didn’t say everyone, but this what usually happens:

  • Your mom doesn’t let you wash your own underwear. Your hands are soft and smooth but because you have a child and a husband, it is calloused.
  • Your nails were long and always get a manicure-pedicure. But because you have a family, your nails don’t even touch by a nail polish.
  • Before, your hair always gets rebond with a blonde hair color. But because you have your own family, it is impossible to get rebond and instead of having it, you’ll just spend it on food
  • Your lips and face always packed with makeup and lipstick with matching maxipeel and cream before. But because of your children and husband, you have no time to fix and take care of yourself.

  • Before, you always get yourself a new clothing, shoes, and slippers every payday. But now, instead of buying for yourself, you think your children first and set aside your own luxury.
  • Your old self who went everywhere and always having fun with friends every day off. Now, because of your family, you need to stay and home needs to care your children and spouse.
  • The old you who don’t even fry an egg, don’t even touch a ladle before. Now, you are getting scald and burns while cooking for your family.
  • Before, every time you have sickness and aren’t able to help at home, your mom is there to take care of you. But now because of your family, you need to stand up and take care the needs of your family.

These are just some examples of what really happens in real life. Expectation says having a spouse is good but reality speaks, it was the opposite, it was all difficulty and sacrifice for children and spouses.

I admire and salute all mothers that make sacrifices for children and spouses. Though you are deemed asPrinsesa Noon, Yaya Ngayon”, you’re always the number 1.

Source: The Good Catch

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