Cigarette Case with Built in Lighter Vintage Psychedelic Trippy S10 Smoking King Size Cigarettes Silver Metal Wallet 4″ X 2.75″ RFID Protection Weird Strange

This is a new 2 in 1 Cigarette Case with Built in Lighter (For Kings Size Cigarettes). This sleek cigarette case is the all in one solution to keep your cigarettes safe and protected while always having a lighter by your side. The 2 in 1 Cigarette Case with Built in Refillable Lighter features a Butane cigarette lighter integrated right into the design of the case. You can ignite the lighter even while the cigarette case is closed for easy access when needed, or the lighter can also be removed at any time. The butane lighter is refillable and also features a flame adjustment as well as a wind resistant electronic ignition. The cigarette case holds up to 12 to 16 king sized cigarettes. Brilliant Chrome finish and intricate designs make this cigarette case a nice collectable. The image is a special Skin that is adhered to the case. The Skin is made of a special vinyl material. the image is just one side of the case. The case does not hold 100’s. 80mm OnlySilver
Stainless Steel
Pocket Size
Hold Reguar / King Size Only
4 inches by 2.75 inches

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