China's Atlantis: Ancient Lost City Found at the Bottom of a Lake in EERIE China

Men discover a new thing every day, from a new restaurant to a cheating spouse. Just kidding, but there are a lot of things we discover every day. Such as a lost city, which was found 130 feet under a lake.

59 years ago, a beautiful city called “Shi Cheng” or “Lion City” in English was a striving city that was once a country in 208 AD. It was built during the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25- 200) and lies at the foot of Wu Shi Mountain or “Five Lion” Mountain. You can see on the restored map of Shi Cheng. 

The city had five gates that connect to other cities, and this is why this city served as the center of politics, economics, and culture of Sui’an Country. The city also had one gate tower, and on each gate, it only shows that the city’s defense was no doubt phenomenal. But why is it submerged in the water now?

In 1959, for the sake of having a local source of energy, the Chinese government built a human-made lake which is now called Qiandao Lake. The Lake serves as a source of hydroelectric power for the other nearby cities.

To achieve this, they had to intentionally submerge the whole Shi Chen City, 130 feet deep in water. The historical metropolis was then forgotten until divers rediscovered it.

A local tourism official named, Qui Feng, suggested making China’s human-made Atlantis as a tourist spot for diving clubs. According to him, “We were lucky. As soon as we dived into the lake, we found the outside wall of the town and even picked up a brick to prove it.” A team then came to the underwater city to observe and check before tours are made and advertised.

Surprisingly, the whole structure of the city was well preserved. Probably because it was deep underwater where wind, rain, and sun could not affect it.

It seemed like a time-capsule as it showed the old china city with its beautiful sculptures and details. Even its wooden beams and stairs remained intact and sturdy.

But the most beautiful part of it is the rich history the city holds, with its traditional engravings handcrafted by the master craftsmen of China.

Look at more of its amazing photos underwater:

It will surely one day be a great part of knowing the old culture and history of China. We can only hope after it will be launched as a tourist destination, the Ancient city will remain intact as they first discovered it.

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