China Worst Punishment for not Meeting Target

Think you’ve got a bitter boss? Staff at a Chinese company are punished for failing to reach sales targets Here’s some punishment in China for those who does not meet sales target :


  1. eating bitter gourd punishment

For employees who fail to meet their superiors’ expectations for their weekly performance, a company in Chongqing is trying out a new type of torture — “eating bitter gourd punishment.”

2.  Crawl Around Lake

The men and women were reportedly working for a sales company and had failed to reach a specified target.As punishment, they were made to crawl on the wooden walkway on the shores of the lake, while tourists walked by and took photos. Worse, that happened on holiday

Hasil gambar untuk Jilin punishment crawl

3. Crawl in front of store

The group of people, all employees of one company, were reportedly being punished by their boss because they hadn’t hit their sales targets. Local media say that management wanted them to be more motivated. More than 10 people forced to crawl on all fours in public.

Hasil gambar untuk Hanzhong punishment

4. Forced to drink coctail – with live worms

A sales group in Hanzhong, Shaanxi province is punishing its employees for not meeting sales quotas by making them eat a vile concoction of meal worms and alcohol.


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