Caught on Cam : Watch How Robin And Mariel Padilla Treats Their Helpers!

Most recently, we heard reports about household helpers being maltreated and abused by the reckless employers. Some of them were treated as slaves, some of them weren’t given a day off, and some are not allowed to eat the same food as their employer.

However, the helpers of celebrity couple Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez, this is exactly the opposite.

Netizens praise the couple after seeing how they treat and interact with their helpers.

In the video posted on YouTube by user “jassyreignz happy TV” the Padilla family seem to have organized a celebration for their baby girls birth month wherein the ‘yayas’ are seen to be a part of the celebration.

They prepared a parlor game for the helpers and Robin was heard saying that he will giveaway P2,000 cash prize to whoever wins. In the game, the helpers are required to get a piece of apple out of a basin full of water.

When all of their 7 helpers joined the game, Robin increased the cash prize to P3,000.

Even other members of the family were seen interacting with the helpers as if they were also part of the family. They were seen chatting, laughing, and making fun altogether.

Netizens expressed their admiration on how the couple treats their helpers and praise the couple.

Watch the fun video below:

Source: UrDailyJournal

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