Catholic Church 'on alert': Pupils 'possessed by DEVIL' after playing with OUIJA BOARD APP

Young students were struck down by “the devil” this week after a shocking and mysterious “virus” saw its victims scream and writhe in pain, a local mayor said.

About 20 young students were rushed from school to hospital, but doctors have been left befuddled by the “mass possession”.

Harrowing footage from the school in Llora, Colombia show screaming students being carried away by volunteers.

According to Francis Salamanca Martinez, mayor of the Lloro, the students screamed out that “the devil was going to take them with him“.

Residents in the area claim the youth suffered a “demonic possession“.

Police are still investigating the incident while relatives of the students have asked for the help of local priests.

Sources told local media officials at El Colombiano that the country’s Catholic Church was “analysing the case”.

During a school lesson, students had been playing on a phone app similar to an ouija board used traditionally “to call up the spirits of the dead”.

However, at some point during the game, the young students began to act hysterically.

According to witnesses, several students fainted and began to scream and cry for no apparent reason.

In video of the scene, the students are almost unconscious while others are writhing in agony.

The person recording one of the videos is heard to say that the situation is “chaotic.”

They had to be transferred to a health centre but doctors said they were “not able to find a scientific reason for the behaviour”.

The victims were then sent to a church, after advice from the victims’ families, for recovery and rest.

Juan Carlos Barreto, bishop of nearby Quibdo, said: “It is known in Colombia that these kind of games such as the ouija board have consequences for normal life.”

He added that the girls struck by the mysterious conditions “spoke very strange things”.

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