June 9, 2017

God Has A Prophetic Word For All Of Us: Time To Manifest

God has a prophetic word for all of us: it is manifest time. God said to tell you to dust off all your dreams that haven’t […]
June 8, 2017

8 Chubby Cat’s Food Fails That Are So Painfully Relatable It’s Hilarious

Ever accidentally broke the ring-pull while trying to open a can? How about had all the cheese slide off when grabbing a pizza slice? Food fails […]
June 8, 2017

Idiot's Guide to 2012 Doomsday Prophecy Preparations by J.E. Ante

Suppose the dozen or more major prophecy traditions are wrong and the Sun does not get brighter for a time and causes massive solar flares that […]
June 8, 2017

20+ Painfully Hilarious Comics About Shaving That Every Woman Will Relate To

I’m sure that shaving competes with periods for the first place on every women’s blacklist. It’s just one of many chores that you regularly avoid. The […]
June 8, 2017

People Share Pics Of Their Cats Acting Weird (Add Yours)

Have you ever walked into a room, looked at your cat, and thought ‘this creature must be out of this world’? Yup, cats are major weirdos […]
June 8, 2017

The Coming 2012 Doomsday Prophecy

These days it is hard to escape talk of a coming 2012 Doomsday. Countless documentaries have been produced on the subject for cable television, a blockbuster […]
June 8, 2017

The Benefits of Choosing an Online Prophecy Reading

Online prophecy readings have revolutionized online worship. Now you can request a free prophecy reading online in no time at all. This is very beneficial to […]
June 7, 2017

2012: End of the World?

Well the Mayan Calender says so and so does the I Ching! Are you sure about that? If you believe in 2012: End of the World […]
June 7, 2017

Is 2012 The End Of The World? Maybe It Is

Is our whole prediction about the world ending in 2012 the reality of the situation, or is it just nonsense? Can this 2012 doomsday prophecy really […]
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