October 16, 2017

Ridiculously Photogenic Gecko Inspires Photoshop Battle, And It’s Hilarious (Add Yours!)

Ever seen someone so photogenic that it makes you feel like a toad in comparison? Well, get ready to turn green with envy, because the latest […]
October 16, 2017

I Created A Cat Calendar To Make 2018 Pawesome

This Cats Wall Calendar 2018 illustrated by Lingvistov is the perfect gift this Christmas and New Year for anyone who adores cats. And what is there […]
October 13, 2017

10+ Hysterical Moments When People Got Scared To Death At A Haunted House, Caught By A Secret Cam

If a haunted house proudly calls itself a ‘fear factory’, it’d better have evidence to support such a ballsy claim. Oh, it does? Well then… Bored […]
October 12, 2017

8 Times Girlfriends And Boyfriends Shared The Same Images On Instagram, But Created Absolutely Different Captions

Coming up with cool Instagram captions is probably the hardest part of an upload. If you’re also having trouble with it, here’s an idea (sorry forever-alone […]
October 12, 2017

10+ Hilarious Tweets From Exasperated Parents Trying To Feed Their Kids At Mealtime

As every parent knows, kids can be remarkably fickle when it comes to food. Seemingly on the slightest whim dietary requirements can drastically change, now your […]
October 12, 2017

10+ Dentists With An Awesome Sense Of Humor

Dentists have it pretty hard – they’re rummaging in peoples’ mouths for a smile even though most of their patients are petrified and uncooperative. Luckily, there […]
October 11, 2017

Boyfriend Doesn’t Believe His GF Who Blames Cat For Missing Kitchen Objects, So She Decided To Catch Everything On Cam

Imgur user pleasequotemovies refused to believe his girlfriend when she told him that it was actually their cat to blame for missing kitchen objects. Determined to […]
October 11, 2017

10+ Times People Accidentally Googled The Wrong Thing, And The Results Were Hilarious

Grammar is tricky and we don’t always get it right, but if we misspell a Google search and hit ‘Enter’ before double-checking, funny things can happen. […]
October 11, 2017

10+ Times Hidden Cams Revealed What Animals Do When Nobody Is Watching, And It Was Hilarious

Trail cameras are used mainly by hunters, set up to record pictures automatically when it senses motion. They can also be used for wildlife photography, security […]
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