September 20, 2017

10+ Times Writers Took Book Dedications To Another Level

How many book dedications do you remember? My point exactly. Most of them are generic and unimaginative. But not these. Bored Panda has collected some of […]
September 19, 2017

Artist Turns Words Into Drawings

Click to unmute Born and raised in Burton-on-Trent, UK Jonathan Stephen Harris has not only a steady hand but a sharp mind as well. You see, […]
September 19, 2017

Socially Awkward Artist Illustrates Her Most Embarrassing Childhood Moments, And It’s Hilarious

Kristie Lane is socially awkward and she has been perfecting this ‘skill’ since she was little. “As a child, I raised unholy hell,” Kristie writes. “And […]
September 19, 2017

10+ Shocking Photos Of Drunk Japanese By Lee Chapman Show The Ugly Side Of Alcoholism

Japan might have one of the lowest crime rates in the world, and also the highest life expectancy, but as you can see from these shocking […]
September 19, 2017

Chester Bennington’s Widow Posts Video Of Him 36 Hours Before His Death – “This Is What Depression Looked Like To Us”

Almost 2 months after the tragic loss of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, the world is still reeling. Bennington’s widow, Talinda Bentley, took to Twitter on […]
September 19, 2017

I Made A Harry Potter Monopoly Board For My Best Friend’s Birthday

My friend really wanted a Harry Potter monopoly board – but sadly they do not exist. So I made one! I spent 80+ hours on the […]
September 19, 2017

40+ Hilarious Posts About Procrastination That Everyone Will Relate To

Do you pick up the phone and call your grandmother without a second thought? Do you clean your room without waiting for it to first turn […]
September 19, 2017

Meet Luhu, The Saddest Cat In The World Whose Photos Will Break Your Heart

Cats have a pretty good deal in life. They sleep all day, they get petted whenever they demand it, they eat for free, and they don’t […]
September 19, 2017

Elijah Wood Takes The Best Fan Photos, And Here’s The Proof (15+ Pics)

If you ever needed proof that Elijah Wood doesn’t take himself too seriously then check out some of the hilarious pictures he’s taken with fans. Despite […]
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