October 9, 2017

The Moment This Owner Realized His Cat Is A Disney Princess

“My cat is a Disney princess apparently. This is going on right now,” wrote Imgur user ‘ctrlaltme’ after sharing a series of pictures of his cat […]
October 9, 2017

Miniature Paper Plants That Take Me Up To 20 Hours To Create

This series of miniature handcrafted paper terrariums include exotic flowers such as bird of paradise, blue Himalayan poppies, tiny king proteas and lots of little cacti […]
October 8, 2017

Mother Of Two Takes Adorable Photos Of Herself And Her Daughters In Matching Clothing (Part 2)

A few months ago we introduced you to an adorable project called “All that is three” by a UK-based lifestyle Instagrammer and a mother of two […]
October 8, 2017

I Rebuilt An Old Stereo Unit As A Tribute To Stephen King’s ‘It’

I took about 900 hours to finish my modeling project “Welcome to Derry”, an adaption of Stephen King’s great novel “IT”. To cope with the spirit […]
October 6, 2017

Girl Who Beat Cancer Twice Returns To The Same Hospital 20 Years Later, But This Time As A Nurse

Cancer is a bitch, everyone knows that. 24 year old Montana Brown knows it, having been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer of the connective […]
October 6, 2017

Woman Gives Birth In Japan, Shows What Food She Was Fed In The Hospital

If there’s one thing that seems to have a horrible reputation no matter where you go, it’s hospital food; bland, colorless, vomit-inducing meals that make the […]
October 6, 2017

Swedish Model Gets Criticized Because Of Hairy Legs In Adidas Campaign, And The Comments Are Too Horrible To Read

The popular sports brand Adidas has recently launched its Fall/Winter campaign “Superstar” which focuses around authenticity and features the “icons of tomorrow” – models, artists, activists, […]
October 6, 2017

Grandma Accidentally Buys Inappropriate Book For 6-Year-Old, And Internet Is Dying From Laughter

At some point in our lives, all of us were probably taught to not judge a book by its cover. This story is a hilarious example […]
October 6, 2017

Guy “Almost Makes A Huge Mistake” By Sending This Message To His Friend In Las Vegas Just Before The Shooting

You’ve probably been told at least a hundred times throughout life to always tell your family and friends that you love them, because you never know […]
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