December 7, 2017

People Are Sharing The Subtle Ways They Mess With Their Coworkers, And It’s Absolutely Evil

Most workplaces have an office clown. That person that loves a little mischief, a little drama to spice up the mundanity of the 9 to 5. […]
December 7, 2017

25+ Photos That Reveal What’s In A Preschooler’s Pockets

Preschool Pocket Treasures is a photographic archive of the tiny magical objects found stuffed in the pockets of my son after each day at preschool. I […]
December 7, 2017

I Used Paper Clips To Illustrate Mental Illnesses And Disorders

This is my version of the more popular ( ; ) mark. A paper clip is a very simple innovation. It is just a twisted metal […]
December 7, 2017

Little Girl Did An Interview With Her Cat And Someone Suggested It Should Be Illustrated, So We Did

Let’s be honest, we pet owners tend to have little chats with our darlings every once in a while, but this 10-year-old has decided to take […]
December 6, 2017

People Were Confused Why This Clock In A Museum Was Covered With A Sheet But Then They Read The Plaque

Wendell Castle is the father of art furniture, and his pieces are so masterfully crafted that you don’t know whether you should actually be using them […]
December 6, 2017

After Losing Her Dog, This Woman Created This Heartbreaking Comic, And It Will Make You Cry

Saying goodbye is never easy, but digital artist Jen-Jen Rose had to force out one of the hardest ones in her life. When her beloved dog […]
December 6, 2017

Down Syndrome Has Almost Been Eliminated In Iceland, And People’s Reactions Are Heartbreaking

In countries like the US and UK, people with Down syndrome are gaining more visibility year by year. In Iceland, however, they’ve almost completely disappeared. A […]
December 6, 2017

Boss Doesn’t Believe Employee’s Excuse Why He Can’t Come To Work, So He Sends Him Photo Evidence (NSFW)

Telling your boss his mom is the reason why you can’t come to work probably isn’t a joke you’re supposed to be making. One guy, however, […]
December 6, 2017

Everyone Can’t Stop Laughing After This Grumpy Cat Crashed A Nativity Scene In NYC

New York-based photographer Brooke Goldman was dead on her feet when she saw one of the funniest sights of her life. She had just dragged herself […]
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