January 17, 2018

30+ Small Sweet Moments Of Couples’ Lives Illustrated By Korean Artist

Some love stories are epic and bigger than the world itself, others – calm and sweet, like an embrace. And the story of these two small […]
January 17, 2018

My Son Was Shy So I Started Decorating His Lunch Bags To Help Him Break The Ice At School

My name is Dominick and I’m a dad in California. Usually, parents provide home lunches for their child and think their job is done. Not me. […]
January 17, 2018

These Sweaters Camouflage People Into Their Surroundings, And It’s Every Introvert’s Dream Come True

We‘re used to the popular opinion that clothes are often designed to make people stand out from the crowd. Not in this case though. English photographer […]
January 17, 2018

We Saved A Mountain Goat That Was Stuck Hanging In The Air By Its Horns

We found this goat while hiking in the Pedriza section on the Sierra de Guadarrama near Madrid. He was hanging by the horns fully suspended between […]
January 17, 2018

25+ Times Animals Experienced Snow For The First Time, And Their Reactions Said It All

That rush you get first thing in the morning, when you pull back the curtains to see a blanket of beautiful white covering everything after the […]
January 17, 2018

30+ Times Toy Designers Have Gone Too Far

We’ve seen our share of crappy design, but store shelves are so abundant of it, there’s always more to poke fun at. For example, toys. They’re […]
January 16, 2018

Unsuspecting Contractor Goes To House To Do Simple Job, And It Escalates To Epic Proportions

Working as a contractor can be incredibly interesting and exciting, with different locations and workplaces to see, and many interesting people to meet. Nobody knows this […]
January 16, 2018

It’s So Cold In Siberia Right Now That A Thermometer Just Broke At -62°C In The World’s Coldest Village

Welcome to Oymyakon, a village where students are expected to attend class till temperatures reach minus -52°C (-62°F). The remote Siberian village is considered to be […]
January 16, 2018

35+ Times Packaging Designs Seriously Infuriated Buyers By How Misleading They Were

Think of marketing as you would think about sex. Some brands try to establish a pleasant and long relationship with their clients and others use dirty […]
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