August 4, 2017

Ta-Ta Towels For Boobs Are A Thing Now, And It’s A Woman’s Dream Come True

Women say hello to your new breast friend – the Ta-Ta Towel! Invented by Erin Robertson, the towel finally solves the problem of under boob sweat. […]
August 4, 2017

10+ Babies Who Ruined Their Parent’s Pinterest-Perfect Photoshoots

Babies are cute and babies are adorable. But they’re also full of pee and poo, and babies aren’t afraid to make you aware of this fact […]
August 3, 2017

10+ Illustrations With Deep Meanings Created By An Artist Struggling With Depression

At first glance, DestinyBlue’s art may only strike you as colourful, somewhat melancholy Anime-inspired portraits. If you look a little closer, however, you’ll notice hidden messages […]
August 3, 2017

Somebody Apparently Threw This Cat Off The Bridge, But Luckily This Boat Captain Spotted Her

Meet Captain Jordan Smith, a man who pulled something completely unexpected out of his fishing net last week. “I saw this little head swimming around,” he […]
August 3, 2017

How Game Of Thrones Characters Have Changed From Season 1 To Now

With season seven of Game of Thrones well underway, we thought it was about time that we took a moment to reflect on how certain characters […]
August 3, 2017

10+ Terrifying Pics Show What Happens When Fruits And Veggies Start Sprouting Early

Just like humans, fruits and vegetables also have a cycle of life, filled with constant growth and changes. And, just like humans, their populations also have […]
August 3, 2017

First 100 Days Of A Panda’s Growth

Click to unmute The International Union for Conservation of Nature no longer classifies the giant panda as an endangered species because from 2003 up until recently […]
August 3, 2017

Mom’s Clever Selfie Trick Is Going Viral, And Parents Can’t Agree If It’s Genius Or Crossing The Line

“I think it’s safe to say my mom doesn’t trust me,” 18-year-old Kaelyn Demmon told Twitter on July 29th as she shared a text conversation with […]
August 3, 2017

21 Best Travel Photos Of 2017 Were Just Announced By National Geopgraphic, And They’re Amazing

The votes for the National Geographic 2017 Travel Photographer of the Year contest are in and it’s time to announce the winners. This annual competition highlights […]
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