Bride-To-Be Pays P30k For Her Wedding Gown But Was Shocked With What She Receives The Day Before The Wedding.

Last February 20, a Facebook user named Mhayo B. Arguelles of Parañaque City, Manila shared her horrible experience in the making of her wedding gown.

Arguelles said she had a wedding gown made by her unnamed designer friend that was worth P30,000. Unfortunately, the finished product did not meet the quality she expected for the amount agreed.

Image: Facebook/Mhayo B. Arguelles

In one of the photos, Arguelles pointed out that it was so different from the sketch the designer made that made her so disappointed.

According to, Arguelles’ wedding was last February 14. The first fitting was in November while the second was in January. Despite seeing the initial form of the gown, Arguelles said that she accepted it because she trusted the designer, and she believed that perhaps they might add some more details.

The said wedding gown was delivered to her by February 13, the day before the wedding. Upon seeing it, the dismayed bride-to-be realized that it is far from her dream wedding gown.

“Nanlumo ako pagkakita ko sa gown ko na ‘Haaaaa! ito yung wedding gown?’ Nagdalawang isip ako bakit ganto? ANG PANGET!”

Image: Facebook/Mhayo B. Arguelles

The gown was delivered in an eco bad instead of a box. She also showed that the lace was too high and that her underwear could already be seen when she tried the gown on. Some of the stitchings were also faulty.

“Yung lace sa braso ko na maluwag. Na hindian lang nag fit sa braso ko.”

Luckily, Arguelles’ maid of honor found a way to borrow a gown from someone else and lent it to Arguelles. This minimized the stress that she had already been feeling.

Image: Facebook/Mhayo B. Arguelles

In her interview with, Arguelles said that she only used the veil and the train of her designer friend’s gown because she had no other choice, it was already her wedding day.

“Yung trail (sic) po ang ginamit ko po. Kase no choice na ako so kung ano nalang po pwede gawin ko para mas lalo maging maayos yung nahiram kong gown,” said Arguelles. “Yung veil po sknya din po yun.Wala po aka magagamit na veil.”

Image: Facebook/Mhayo B. Arguelles

Moreover, the designer of her gown was also the one who created her groomsmen’s outfits, charging her P1,500 each for the ten of them. However, Arguelles wrote that these were also a failure.

“Feb. 12 around 11:00pm niya hinatid mga damit ng groomsmen ko. Dun pa lang mali na yun dahil daw dapat 1week before the wedding dapat may final fitting. Nagtataka ako sayo bakit last two minute mo hinatid mga susuotin namin which is ang haba naman ng time na binigay ko sayo.”

Image: Facebook/Mhayo B. Arguelles

She also added that her groomsmen had to get their outfits repaired in a rush because they didn’t fit well; some were too baggy while the others had unflattering cuts.

“Sa bait ko pa din sknya wedding day ko na.. Binigyan ko pa din siya ng trabaho pinag make up ko pa din siya sa mga abay ko. Halos nabadtrip din mga abay ko dahil hindi din nila nagustuhan ang make up ni bakla. Sayang yung P500 each nila.”

“Kahit nakalagay sa mannequin o kahit saan anggulo wala talagang dating.” 

Image: Facebook/Mhayo B. Arguelles

What’s more surprising is that the designer friend filed a case in the Barangay office because Arguelles refused to pay the P8,000 balance left of the P30,000. But Arguelles reasoned out that refused to pay the balance because of the designer’s unprofessionalism and due to the low quality of work and she wasn’t satisfied as a customer.

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