Breathe-in B12, The Best Way to get Vitamin B12. Save time and Money Compared to Shots. 10-Pack.

Breathe-in B12, the best way to get vitamin B12. Save time and money compared to shots. 10-pack.MORE EFFECTIVE: Studies show inhaling B12 can be hundreds of times more effective than sublingual, liquids, and pills. With just 5-10 small puffs you can consume over 8000% of your daily B12!
SAVE HUNDREDS: VitaminVape contains equal to 14 injections worth of B12 at a fraction of the price. When taking absorption into account it’s even cheaper than pills!
30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Love it, or return it for an easy no-hassle refund. We’re confident this is the best B12 supplement ever, and we stand by it.
PURE INGREDIENTS: This VEGAN B12 supplement contains NO Nicotine/Tobacco, NO Propylene Glycol, NO Diacetyl, and NO weird chemicals.
COMPACT & EASY TO USE – Small as a writing pen, VitaminVape easily fits in your pocket and requires no setup/no button – just inhale from the tip end and light citrus-flavored vapor emits in comfortable, small amounts.

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