August 15, 2017

Father Publicly Disowns His Son With A Powerful Open Letter After He Marches In Charlottesville Protests

The small town of Charlottesville, Virginia, is making international headlines after a right-wing multi-group protest scheduled for August 11th turned shockingly violent. A Fargo, North Dakota […]
August 15, 2017

WATCH IN AWE: Bizarre UFOs filmed crossing surface of moon through high power telescope

YouTuber Crrow777 has spent years trailing a high-definition camera through a telescope on the moon, and captured an array of objects passing the lunar surface. They […]
August 15, 2017

I Illustrate My Everyday Problems As A Woman In Funny And Relatable Comics (New Pics)

It’s possible that you guys have seen my comics float around now here and there. If you don’t know me, my name is Prudence. I’m an […]
August 15, 2017

Illustrator Perfectly Captures The Happiness Of Living Alone In 10+ Illustrations

Being single and living alone can be pretty awesome, and these illustrations show why. Created by LA-based painter, illustrator and occasional animator, Yaoyao Ma Van As, […]
August 15, 2017

Eating This FRUIT Can Do MAGIC To Your Health-Start Consuming It Now- #2 Is Very Important!!

Over the counter drugs are made of herbal medicine but undergo different processes and with a combination of chemicals to make it effective and can last […]
August 15, 2017

Lets Get Weird Student School Bookbag / Children Backpack

The Adjustable Straps With Padding Ease The Pressure On The Shoulder.Thisdesign Name School Bag Is A Perfect Casual Daypack And Very Suitable For School, Outdoor, Street […]
August 15, 2017

Hairdresser Refuses To Shave Depressed Teen’s Hair, Spends 13 Hours Fixing It

Depression sometimes makes even the most basic tasks, like brushing your hair in the morning, seem impossible. When a struggling 16-year-old girl came into an Iowa […]
August 15, 2017

10+ Times Adults Did Coloring Books For Kids, And The Result Was Hilariously NSFW

Coloring is important for the development and enrichment of children’s motor abilities as they work hand, wrist and finger movements and these are essential for small […]
August 15, 2017

Dogs are turning blue – but you’ll never guess THIS is the reason why

Mongrels with blue fur have been popping up in the densely populated city, with their odd colour being traced back to a polluted river.  The Kasadi […]
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